The Bighorn Backcountry consists of 6 Public Land Use Zones (PLUZ), and is “managed for protection of the environment, while allowing responsible and sustainable recreational use”. (AEP) This area hosts a variety of recreational activities including camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, cycling and seasonal OHV and snow vehicle use on “designated trails” and areas only.

The Bighorn is already protected and managed by the Government, and well over half the area is designated as non-motorized use. Now foreign funded Y2Y/Loveyourheadwaters wants to make a Park out of an already protected area to “protect it” – and rename the Forestry Trunk Road after themselves.

Public Lands Act already provides tools to manage land use, and there are actual solutions for sustainability other than simply excluding responsible Albertans ability to enjoy it.

Here’s a link to a user created petition sent to us for keeping Public Lands Public. Share with your friends and families, and send your letters to the Environment Minster on your position.