Public Consultation:


The following information was developed to assist people participating in the Public Consultation for the Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park Draft Management Plan in March 2017.

While those sessions are now completed, this information is still relevant in anticipation of future consultations as the government evaluates OHV use across the province.

  • As an OHV user, there are specific questions you may wish to ask, it’s handy to have them written down.
  • Await a response and please make a note so you can share it with AOHVA and the OHV community.
  • If an answer is not available or forthcoming, ask the facilitator for a contact that you can follow up with after the session.
  • Exchange your contact information with the facilitator before you leave the discussion.
  • Be sure to follow up – advise AOHVA of any outstanding questions and feel free to contact the designated Government of Alberta representative as provided to you at the session.

Included here is an array of questions you may wish to ask at the sessions(s) you attend:

Questions about the Public Consultation Process

  1. Who will be consolidating all of the comments from these sessions and will they be made available upon request, rather in a summarized format?
  2. How do you ensure this is a transparent process?
  3. Who designed the survey? The survey questions seem to be biased in that my true opinions cannot be answered in the format provided.
  4. Has the AOHVA been identified as in important stakeholder group and a key participant in the collaborative process as described by the Government of Alberta?
  5. What impact will my input and these sessions have on the final outcome of the decisions made about the Castle?
  6. How will people be advised of the results?
  7. Is a similar process being considered or planned for any other region of the province at this time?
  8. What kind of weight is given to people’s input at these sessions, people who are participating?
  9. Are these session primarily to provide information or to really engage Albertans in the process? How collaborative do you see this process as being? How empowered are Albertans in determining the final outcome?
  10. What’s different about this new and extended consultation process compared to the consultation that was to end on March 20, 2017?

Questions about the Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park Draft Management Plan. (Relevant to other regions of the province as well.)

  1. Is it the intention of the government to find a way for all Albertans to enjoy the Castle, for all Albertans to share the Castle?
  2. What is an illegal trail? How is it defined? How do trails become illegal?
  3. I hear a lot about the science that these important decisions are being based on – can I receive a copy of the science – the studies and reports referred to? Is it available to all Albertans?
  4. Of all of the trails that are considered OHV trails in the Castle, what percent are usable by OHVs? What percent were created by industry? Is there a database of trails you are referring to?
  5. Is it true that the plan is to have hotels and restaurants and other facilities within this new park? Do we know the impact to wildlife and nature from that kind of development?
  6. Enforcement is a key issue. What is the documented experience of enforcement agencies over the past 5 years?
  7. What is the actual footprint of the OHV trails and associated facilities in the Castle (in km2)?

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