Public Consultation:


The following information was developed to assist people participating in the Public Consultation for the Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park Draft Management Plan in March 2017.

While those sessions are now completed, this information is still relevant in anticipation of future consultations as the government evaluates OHV use across the province.


Ask yourself the following questions to help formulate your thoughts and prepare your questions for the session facilitators.

  • What parts of the documentation caught your attention?
  • What part of the Plan excited you?
  • What part of the Plan left you skeptical or frustrated?
  • What are the main points the Plan is making?
  • What questions do these points raise for you?
  • How would you answer these questions?
  • What are the implications to OHV activities?
  • What are AOHVA’s and the OHV Clubs’ next steps in using this Plan?

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