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The vast majority of OHV riders consider it a privilege – not a right - to be able to ride their OHVs and enjoy Alberta’s outdoors and natural landscape. It’s a privilege for ALL users: hikers, cyclists, skiers, snowmobilers, campers and OHV riders to access and enjoy our province’s wide open spaces.

To ensure continues access and use of public lands, people must be aware of and abide by the rules set out by the government.

Public Land Use Zones

As explained by Alberta Environment and Parks, a Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ) is an area of public land to which legislative controls apply under authority of the Public Land Administration Regulation (187-2011) to assist in the management of industrial, commercial, and recreational land uses and resources.

  • A PLUZ is created for a specific land base and the unique conditions that exist within that land base.
  • A PLUZ is established to better manage Alberta’s busy landscape and the land use activities, including recreation that occurs in a specific area.
  • PLUZ conditions are designed primarily to protect areas containing sensitive resources and manage conflicting land-use activities.
  • PLUZs are not designated as parks or protected areas.

Within a PLUZ,

  • No motorized vehicles are permitted to leave the road other than to use trails designated for an off-highway vehicles (OHV) of a particular size or type.
  • Trail designations indicate the maximum vehicle width accepted for trail sustainability. Vehicles the same width or smaller than those indicated are allowed.

The forests, meadows, rivers and wetlands of Alberta benefit us all. If you see someone causing damage to the environment, call 1 800 642-3800 to report: what occurred, date, time, location, vehicle and license plate number, description of the person or people causing the damage, your name and phone number.


Alberta Public Land Use Zones


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