Bighorn Survey

The Alberta Government recently released a proposal to convert the Bighorn Public Lands into a series of new Provincial Parks and a massive new Public Land Use Zone, as anticipated, further reducing OHV use and open camping from the Castle on up the eastern slopes to Drayton Valley.

The government’s Public Consultation process includes another on-line survey.

While people may be tired of these surveys, THIS IS the most important one to date. Unlike the surveys for Castle Parks and Livingstone/Porcupine Hills PLUZ  that only asked for input after the plans were determined – THIS IS NOT DONE YET!

DO the survey. MAKE a difference. SAVE our Backcountry.


Survey results are often interpreted in a way that the respondent never intended – usually to make it seem as though people agree with the position of those seeking to justify a pre-determined outcome.

With that in mind, AOHVA created a Survey Guide for those opposed to changes in public land use that will restrict access to the Bighorn.

Bighorn Country Survey Guide

Treat this survey as a vote. If you do not agree with the proposed land use changes that will surely jeopardize your  enjoyment of the backcountry, stand up for what you believe is right. Stand Up and make your “vote” count.

On-line Survey: Bighorn Country Proposal (Alberta Environment and Parks)