Public Consultation:

The Process

While the Government of Alberta may subscribe to a particular philosophy and methodology in regards to public consultation, it may be helpful to consider an internationally renowned approach to achieving success through effective stakeholder engagement.


The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) has developed a Public Participation Spectrum to demonstrate the possible types of engagement with stakeholders and communities. The spectrum also shows the increasing level of public impact as you progress from ‘inform’ through to ‘empower’.

As you review the information below, consider these points:

  • Where along the spectrum is the Government of Alberta in engaging OHV users to help create The Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park Draft Management Plan.
  • At what level would you expect them to engage important stakeholders such as AOHVA and OHV users in creating these plans?
  • Where do you think you fit into the process as per the spectrum pictured below?

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Be informed. Get engaged.

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