Open Camping

Open Camping

AOHVA supports effective stewardship of Alberta's public land including the need to manage random camping access and use for the protection of sensitive areas. Since 2009 AOHVA has been advocating for an OHV Recreational Trails Service Delivery Organization that could fund, plan, manage and maintain trailheads and random camping spots under the then proposed service delivery structure.

More recently, AOHVA has considered the issues, implications and requirements for sustainable and responsible open camping in developing the 4-Point Plan for Environmentally Responsible OHV Use. Implementation of such a plan will include numerous open camping related activities including, but not limited to:

  • Establishing standards and approval processes for open camping
  • Identifying, inventorying and assessing camping nodes
  • Reclamation
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Enforcement
  • Education

It is well known that Open Camping is closely tied to the OHV user outdoor experience and associated issues.

The Alberta Committee for Eastern Slopes Stewardship

AOHVA has established a new cross-organization committee with the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Alberta and the Alberta Fish and Game Association specifically to focus on the camping-related aspects of Albertans’ outdoor activities. This committee, has undertaken direct research to ascertain the key aspects of Albertans’ camping experiences including, but not limited to: who goes along, what they do when they camp, where they go and how they select their spot and the economic impacts.

Acess Submits Proposal For Castle Parks Draft Management Plan

The Alberta Committee for Eastern Slopes Stewardship (ACESS) has prepared this proposal for a model of open camping within the Castle Parks area. This proposal is designed to address the existing demand for open access camping within the Castle Parks area in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner to providing the diverse camping experiences Albertans currently engage in.

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AOHVA September 2015 Position On Random Camping

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