Alberta's Helmet Law

The Government of Alberta struck the right balance with this legislation,” says Brent Hodgson, president of the Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association.
Head injuries are the number one risk to OHV riders. Making helmets mandatory will mean more riders will stay safe and continue to enjoy riding in Alberta’s beautiful landscapes.

Brent Hodgson

President, Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association

Safer ATV riding is a top priority for the AOHVA and our member clubs.

On December 6, 2016, Bill 36 - An Act to Enhance Safety for Off Highway Vehicles - was passed, amending the Traffic Safety Act. The amendments create helmet requirements for Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) riders.

A new law requiring helmets to be worn by users of OHVs when riding on public land will be proclaimed on May 15, 2017. With this act, Alberta joins the rest of the jurisdictions in Canada in having some type of OHV helmet law.

Details of Bill 36 and additional information can be found here…

Don Peters

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