Best Practices


AOHVA subscribes to the philosophy and follows the principles of the
National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Coalition (NOHVCC)

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Learn and Plan

The building blocks of great trails and the process of creating great OHV trails starts with an understanding of the interconnected principles of OHV management. These principles need to be carried through the planning, design, implementation, maintenance, and program management, and they apply to existing trails as well as new trails.

AOHVA volunteers hard at work

Design and Construct

Planners, designers, and managers must keep the 4Es of engineering, education, enforcement, and evaluation in the forefront of their mind in their work to create great trails. If riders find what they want on the trail, they won’t look for it off the trail.

Fallen trees

Manage and Maintain

What keeps a great trail great? The answer is effective management and maintenance. All of the components of the Great Trail continuum are tied together and not one can stand alone. Successful long-term management and maintenance have to be not only a consideration, but a driver in trail and program planning, design, and implementation.

Be informed. Get engaged. TAKE ACTION

We send IMPORTANT – TIME SENSITIVE – ACTION ORIENTED information to OHV riders and concerned Albertans.

Help us out and share this information with your family and friends.

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