The Alberta Government recently released a proposal to convert the Bighorn Public Lands into a series of new Provincial Parks and a massive new Public Land Use Zone, as anticipated, further reducing OHV use and open camping from the Castle on up the eastern slopes to Drayton Valley.

Why would the NDP government take these steps?

It is certainly NOT to create a beautiful recreation area for Albertans to enjoy – because the opportunity for people to visit the area and partake in responsible recreation is available to everyone today.

It certainly is NOT to improve water quality – because the water leaving the North Saskatchewan watershed is some of the highest quality available in Alberta today.

It certainly is NOT to curtail the impacts of resource development – because regulations are in place today with Alberta industry working to some of the highest sustainable resource development standards in the world.

Perhaps it is to satisfy the demands of foreign funded organizations who are mandated to shut down Alberta’s backcountry.

Bring some common sense to the situation.

SEND a letter. MAKE a difference. SAVE our Backcountry.